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Importance of Networking

One of the most concerning aspects within graduating college students is the process of trying to obtain a career job upon graduation. It is often misconceptualized that once you graduate, you would easily be able to find and subsequently be hired because of your educational credentials. However, that is far from the case. It can be argued that graduating college students have some of the toughest times in the job market compared to other demographics. Majority of jobs expect candidates to have a degree as well as years of experience in order to be considered qualified. Often times it is not made clear to active college students that their job search should actually start while they’re in school instead of waiting until they graduate. Colleges/Universities offer so many opportunities that can further an individual into their potential career. Some of the most common opportunities start by just talking and interacting with people. There is a diversified spectrum of people that walk around a college campus daily. Introducing yourself and getting to know people will set you apart as well as broaden your networking circle. Most of us already know the saying “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know”. That quote is the absolute truth. Nowadays, most employers would rather hire someone they know even if they are less qualified than other candidates. This is why it’s very essential to network and put yourself out there with as many people on campus as possible. You never know who knows who that can potentially be a stepping stone in your journey. On a smaller scale, it is also good to interact with your professors. They are usually highly skilled and knowledgeable in whatever they are teaching. Take advantage! In most cases, they have connections to employers and are more than willing to help you. Also connecting with them will give you more insight into your field of choice. Coinciding with that, there is ‘work study’ which allows you to work within your major’s department. Again interacting with different professors in the department will broaden your connections. It is also important to try and obtain a couple of internships while you’re still in school. This will be your opportunity to gain that experience that employers are looking for. I can not stress enough how important it Is to utilize the campus environment. Network. Network. Network.


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