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Preparing for my M.A.

Two years ago, I completed my journey as an undergrad, and soon I will be starting my new journey as a graduate student. My preparation for both journeys was and is completely different. Hopefully, there will be new experiences that are opposite to when I was preparing and working towards getting my B. A. Back then, I didn't focus on time management or have a healthy balance between school, work, and my social life. I was all over the place and did not focus on what was most important. My time as an undergrad wasn’t delightful, but I’m hoping my graduate experience is better. While I’m still preparing for my Masters, I am learning my way around a new city and job, so I am very mindful of my time. The lessons I learned as an undergrad prepared me for what’s next with my new journey.

For anyone that is interested in going to graduate school, take into consideration that it is a big decision; so take your time and find a school/program that fits you best. Move at your pace and make sure you maintain a good balance between your studies and personal life. Most importantly focus on your mental health and take breaks when needed to reset.


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